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In 1949 ‘authorities’ not only predicted women would be way taller in 2000, they also predicted the Xena look would be mainstream.

I’m 6’2” with size 11 feet.  Now all I need is the outfit!

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by Charles H.Traub

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guess what I am doing with my hair tomorrow?

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Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.
Doris Lessing, quoted in Bitch Media,Remembering Doris Lessing.”  (via tobia)

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Harvey Milk becomes first openly gay politician to grace a stamp

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I need to get a bunch of money really quick so I can buy a bunch of these stamps so I can send Harvey Milk Mail forever and ever.

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No one’s ever said it in so many words, but I’ve gotten the “but if no one ever stuck their dick in your vagina how do you know when you lost your virginity” question So. Many. Times. Seriously.

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Peter Beste

This guy bears a striking resemblance to my uncle.


Peter Beste

This guy bears a striking resemblance to my uncle.


Regina Monfort

I’ll fight every inch of the way. I want to go on living even after I lose my skin. I’ll withdraw down into my toes. I’ll fall on the grass where it’s softest to fall like a bull. I’ll swallow death and pretend not to notice.
Bertolt Brecht, “Baal” (via lifeinpoetry)

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street style, Esther Quek, Milan

such a style crush oh my god.

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HONEY CULT: witch mountain consumes her cubs

Check out this fantastic new video from a good friend of mine who also happens to be the greatest artist ever.

(sorry all my other friends who are artists)



Annemarie Schwarzenbach photographed by Marianne Breslauer.

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Hemingway and James Joyce were drinking buddies in Paris. Joyce was thin and bespectacled; Hemingway was tall and strapping. When they went out Joyce would get drunk, pick a fight with a bigger guy in the bar and then hide behind Hemingway and yell, “Deal with him, Hemingway. Deal with him.”

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Between this and the story about him reassuring F. Scott Fitzgerald re dick size, I’m developing a picture of Hemingway as the mother hen of the disaffected white male literary set of the early 20th century.

He probably called up Steinbeck sometimes and was like I CAN’T EVEN WITH THESE DIPSHITS and Steinbeck was all “That’s what you get for living in Paris, asshole”.

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